Contribute Financially

If you are interested in helping us change lives, please contribute to Teen UpRise. As we have 501(c)(3) status, donations are tax-deductible.  

Donate Funds through Paypal: 



send your donation to: 6301 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19128.

 Thank you for your support, we are grateful.

 How your donation will be put to use: 

$25 - Funds either:

        - PSAT/SAT prep books.

        - A month of our website.

$50 - Funds either:

        - Appropriate attire for our neediest 8th graders interviewing for high school placements.

        - A month of after-school snacks for Teen UpRise members

$75 - Funds either:

        - A Kindle for a TU member for PSAT/SAT prep and homework help.

        - One month of our 15-passenger van’s gasoline which is used for trips to local colleges, educational institutions, and reward outings. 

$100 - Funds either:

         - Tuition for a PSAT/SAT online tutoring course for one student.

         - One month’s rent for our TU facility.

$150 - Funds either:

         - One year’s membership to cultural and educational institutions like the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia Art Museum Philadelphia Zoo and Please Touch Museum.

         - One month of our van’s insurance.

$200 - Funds either:

         - Basic classroom supplies for Teen UpRise for an entire year.

         - Allows Teen UpRise to host a graduation party for our student members who graduate 8th grade or high school. Many of our students will be the first ones in their families to graduate high school, and their families do not have a tradition of celebrating academic success.

$250 - Funds either:

         - An entire week of TU Summer Camp supplies.

         - 5 PSAT/SAT prep classes for high school TU member

$500 - Funds either:

         - A much-needed laptop computer and printer to assist TU members in homework and SATs.

         - Provides funding for a college summer intern to assist with summer camp and SAT prep programs. 

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Olivia and Chaz say thanks!