Youth Testimonials


“Teen UpRise is a place where I can be myself and not have to worry about what people think of me. TU makes sure that we are all well-rounded kids which will make us more successful in life.

Amy is always teaching me new things and they are things I would not have done before I joined TU.  TU also keeps me out of trouble.  I love TU.  It's my second home, it's my Second Family, it's a place where I feel safe and all the worries from the world don't seem to effect me there.”  Jha'Vonni, 14yrs old, West Philadelphia. 


“She is the only adult who helps me when I have trouble with my parents, friends, and tricky school work. Amy Concilio never lets me down, and that is something every teenage girl needs in her life: one sturdy rock that will support her forever.”  Olivia, 15 years old, Roxborough. 


Teen UpRise has played a big part of my life.  TU has taught me life lessons.  If it weren't for Amy and the Teen UpRise volunteers, I wouldn't be where I am today. Teen UpRise will allow me to go into life with experience and knowledge.

At Teen UpRise, we are like a family and will always stick together. We do games, homework, and talk if we need help.”  Kate, 15 yrs old, Manayunk.


“Teen UpRise has made my life better by motivating me to get better grades/do better in school and not do drugs and by giving me support and people to talk to. I think TU will help me graduate high school, get into a good college or the college of my choice, and make good decisions.” Sofia, 15 yrs old, East Falls.


“TU makes my life bearable. I know that if I need help of any kind, I can easily go to any of these people and they'll do the best they can to help me resolve my problems.  When it comes to my future, I've known for quite some time now that TU as opposed to other youth organizations gives you a better understanding of life in general. It also lets you explore different career options and keeps you grounded.

Teen UpRise has become my safe place. Plus, these people are just about the least judgmental people on this Earth, so it's easy to talk to them. I like TU because although the organization is centered around God, you don't have to believe or practice a certain faith to join. You can be who you are without being judged.” Maggie, 13 yrs old, Roxborough.