Teen UpRise Rules and Attendance Policy

              Teen UpRise Rules and Attendance Policy         

                                              General Behavior

Cell phones go in jail during TU.

Don’t touch the interns without asking.

Joke around, but stay within your boundaries.

We speak to each other with love and respect.

If you make a mistake, own it and apologize.

We never tell each other’s secrets.

Do your homework.

No bullying.

You make it, you clean it.

Respect others’ personal belongings.

Challenge your TU sisters to be better people.

Set personal goals.

Be respectful of all volunteers.

Be on time.

Play fighting is ok, but never real fighting in or outside TU.

Never mock a TU member’s family members.

                                                        Attendance Policy

Just like membership of a sports team, TU members are expected to attend each after school session. An excused absence is for a doctor’s appointment (with a note), after school activity, or funeral.


One unexcused absence warrants one week of suspension. Two absences, two weeks suspension. Three absences, three weeks suspension. After four absences, the TU member is permanently suspended.


Middle school students may particapte in an after school club and still be in TU for that season IF the TU member can attend at least 2 TU sessions per week.